Hi my name is Sue, I was born sometime in 1952, in Plymouth, my father being from Darlington and my Mother from Edinburgh. I have a sister who is a teacher. My husband and I were married, in Fareham, in 1972, and have two boys, aged 29 and 26. We moved to Didcot in 1975, and have been here ever since. I was trained as a typist, (before computers), and have also worked in a dart board factory, and two of the local supermarkets.
I have two love birds, and a Rosella parakeet.



I have quite a few interests. Among them are animals, I have had dogs, who died at 12, 13 and one was nearly 17 years of age.  I have two love birds, a Rosella parakeet. In the past I have had hamsters and a rabbit who lived for eight years, and fancy rats. I have also had a ferret, a very friendly creature. I love animals of all kinds tame and wild, and it goes right down to insects and spiders.
Computers. (That goes without saying really).
I enjoy the garden, but I am not the one, in the family, that does most of the gardening.
I also like miniature things, dolls houses.
Cross stitch, and sewing, although I haven't done these for a while.
Card making, beaded jewellery.
Another interest which I have is house plans, funny I know, but there you go.
I love programs about house decorating.
I love poetry, children's poetry also.

Music and Films

The Beatles, Eric Clapton, I like some jazz, many of the early groups, the 60's. I also like Barbara Streisand. I suppose you could say I have a varied taste in music.
I like Sci Fi, and comedy films. Maybe some heart wrenching, like Before Women had Wings, (although I think the film had a different title), but nothing violent.
Books well, Rebecca, Before Women had Wings, The Pied Piper. (I don't know why I like the Pied Piper, because it is set in WW II).
I don’t like romantic novels
Actors and actresses, well, Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Danny Devito, Arnold Shwarzenagger (forgive the spelling), Julia Roberts, Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey. Oprah has done a couple of films which I have really liked, 'Before Women had Wings', 'Beloved', and another film which I can't remember the name of, but will place it here if I remember. Oh I think it was 'The Colour Purple'.  I like sci fi films,  and programs on the tv that are sci fi.  I am a Trekki, there I’ve said it.